MCK needs to lead by example concerning environmental issues within the community.

MCK needs to lead by example concerning environmental issues within the community.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Brandyce Barnes

Wa'tkwanonhwerá:ton sewakwé:kon, this petition is demanding that the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke get on board with our community's choice to practice more natural and sustainable ways, getting back to OUR roots, on how we view and maintain the land that we are caretakers of for those future generations.

  • Immediately refrain from cutting the grass during country wide and community campaigns for "No Mow May".  ***Note: MCK fully participated.***
  • Acquire training for MCK staff and change job descriptions to reflect environmental focus, and restructure where necessary.
  • Retrain/Aquire training for grass cutters and other maintenance employees (also opportunities for new employees) to care for native flowers which will include sectional field burning techniques that promote healthy native species regeneration that has the added bonus of reducing tick populations. 
  • Create a 3 year action plan to have the pollinator corridors mapped within the community and have a clear plan in place that will be taken to protect and nurture their survival. Which would include replacing invasive grasses and plants with indigenous species. Such as but not limited to; clover, sweet grass, Sandwort (Arenaria capillaries), wild geranium,Lobelia, Monarda (Bee Balm & Wild Bergamot, Common speedwell, Eyebright, Milkweed, Arnica, Mallow, wild basil, wild garlic, wild onion, Hyssop skullcap, Purple coneflower, Salsify, Bearberry, wild strawberry, yarrow, and Cleavers. Having low growing perennial/self seeding plants eliminates the need for constant maintenance.
  • Install Bat Boxes throughout the community to combat habitat loss and increase populations of mosquitoes (one of their food sources). Possibly put a noise ban here and in Towero:ton to allow our echo locators to find their food durning their nocturnal feeding hours.
  • Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke required to re-evaluate hasty agreement to renew golf course agreements and represent it to the community. Must include a discussion of environmental impacts of pesticides and chemicals used along with a long term clean up plan.
  • Develop a filtering system for the drainage systems throughout the community leading into our waterways. Create a positions for individuals interested in aquatic preservation to research and create ecologically safe solutions. Possibilities such as; native vegetation with filtration capabilities planted along ditches and drainage areas to filter out harmful contaminants, reengineering drainage routes to flow through these areas instead of directly into our water systems.
  • A huge dive into cleaning up toxic material in our soils and a ban on any more quarries or dump sites being created in the community. They do not serve future generations if they remove the land for all generations for all time. No one individual should have the power to make a decision that will effect every generation without community approval, it is not YOUR land to do with as you see fit, It belongs to the faces yet to come.
  • Increase the severity and fines, within the community, for littering and dumping. 
  • Reinstate a conservation position to monitor illegal dumping happening along our boundary lines and monitor the use of waterways and public areas. Conservation will also need the authority to issues fines where necessary and must be provided with training to do so.
  • MCK required to publicly report, annually, on where they are in fulfilling all these points. Individuals with these portfolios must truly care about these issues and when they are brought to discussion their say should hold more weight over any profit margin aspect.
35 have signed. Let’s get to 50!