Tell McGill University to sign the Global Climate Emergency Letter

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We, future health professionals of McGill University, know that climate change has become the most pressing public health issue of our lifetime.  On September 27th 2019, half-a-million people marched in the streets of Montreal in recognition of this critical issue. As a society, we must recognize that the climate crisis is a human health crisis which demands radical, aggressive and intersectional action. As a leading academic institution in Canada, with the associated privileges and responsibilities of that status, we believe that McGill University can and should be leaders on this issue. On September 27th, many institutions of higher education cancelled classes to support the marches; McGill did not. To remain a preeminent research university, McGill must abide by the consensus of its own scholars and the scientific community at large. It is time to stop merely publishing scientific research; we must act on it with the urgency and public accountability it demands. 

We call on you to sign this petition and encourage McGill to become a true leader on climate change. While we recognize that McGill has committed to carbon neutrality by 2040, we are further asking the university to move that date to 2030 and formally sign the Global Climate Emergency Letter. By making this public declaration and committing to its calls to action, McGill would join over 195 international higher learning institutions that have already signed, including 10 Quebec universities. McGill must not lag behind on climate action. It is a matter of health.