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Create A Medical Health Program At University of N'Djaména

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Each year, over 9% of all infants born in Chad die before their first birthday. In Canada, 99.56% of infants will survive and thrive past their first birthday. Evidently, something must be done to afford infants in Chad the same chance at life that many Canadians take for granted. 

Infant mortality in Chad is a complex issue with no easy solution. That being said, a lack of medical professionals, especially in rural communities, is a main contributor to these high rates of infant mortality. In fact, for every one hundred thousand people in Chad, there are only four doctors, who are often concentrated in urban areas. This is a deep rooted problem that will require several long term solutions, one of which is starting a medicine and health program at the University of N'Djaména. 

Although the University of N'Djaména is internationally recognized and is a full member of the International Association University, it does not offer any undergraduate or postgraduate programs in the medical health field. Evidently, in a country as poor as Chad it may be hard for the university to gain funding for this program. Additionally, the government of Chad is faced by many issues related to the well being of its people, and thus is likely not in a position to fund this program either.

McGill University is one of Canada's most prestigious universities and is home to one of Canada's best medical programs. Without doubt, McGill has the knowledge and expertise to help University of N'Djaména create this essential program. Also, McGill is a well funded institution, capable of providing some of the funding needed. If McGill aids the University of N'Djaména in creating this program it will lead to a long term partnership between the two institutions, which will benefit both schools.

In his election platform, Justin Trudeau said, "We will refocus our development assistance on helping the poorest and most vulnerable". Evidently, a newborn baby and its mother in a developing country such as Chad fit this criteria. Furthermore, Canada is part of a Partnership for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (MNCH), which proves that the issue of infant mortality is an issue that Canada cares deeply about. Helping to fund the medicine and health program at University of N'Djaména aligns with both Trudeau's campaign promise and Canada's dedication to MNCH. For these reasons, Trudeau and his government should help McGill to fund this program at University of N'Djaména. 

All infants, regardless of where they are born, deserve a chance to grow up. In Chad, this opportunity is not granted to thousands of infants every year. You, as a Canadian, have an opportunity to encourage McGill University and the Canadian Government to allow thousands of children in Chad a chance to survive past their first birthday. Please sign this petition to show your support.

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