2 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Muraina luqman

Dear MCF 2020 Candidates,


It is clear that there are many unwanted practices concerning the modus operandi of the MCF Election; thus, we shall not allow this to persist especially when heaven has provided an opportunity for a transformative leader like you to contest.

We all gain nothing when:

1. Only a candidate is voted for in a 6-7position team

2. The existing constitution was clear when Article 5.1, No. 1 of the MCF Scholars Constitution says:

"This constitution should be reviewed at least once annually"

Thus, why should after many years, the same existing constitution has sufficed.

I am certain you do not want this to continue, sign this petition that you as a candidate

a. Would not vote or tell anyone to vote for you in this largely supported election boycott

b. You shall not resume office perhaps some few people go ahead and Leadership tells you to resume office


See a change that you want to achieve start from here.

I wish you success in the later elections


Best wishes,

Luqman O. M.

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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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  • MCF Program Staff