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Bring Back Maccas Classics

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Mcdonalds has never been a household name in my childhood but in many other Austrliaan homes when it was to late to buy anything else or you parents couldnt be fu*ked to cook ya some bangers and mash down to the local maccas it was. I was employed at me local and me life changed, my IQ degraded by 12 points with the shit customers i have to deal with but those math skills of mine that i aquirred over 13 years of schooling at the local private school really ensured we didn't lose money and the customer wasn't ripped off.... but sadly they were!!

Customers have been fucked over too many times and we are here to make a difference. we want a CHANGE in MENU especially the LOOSE CHANGE MENU!! Back when it was introduced and me mum wasnt a complete bitch she'd go through the drive thru and get us a 30 cent cone, but as u know the beloved SOFT SERVE now costs a whopping 60 CENTS! thats a 10 cent increase since 2016. Who the bloody heck has 60 cents laying round? i have a 50 and bloody oath ihave 30 but 60 is ridiculous!

I also would like to express my disgrace towards the amping up of prices in the $2 chicken bites which are now $2.50! and the disappearance of the $1.50 apple pies. Other concerns lead to the point of this message... BRING BACK CHICKEN AND MAYOS!!! also we would like u to banish the truffle and Parmesan fries... as an employee those are shit to make, but as a customer who tf wants to be eating mushrooms pigs found with their nose and mold under the convenient name "cheese" come on people!!! they are disgusting and u deserve shit customer service if you order them! 

Us employees would like to see a reintroduction of the SALSA AND AVO fries those were the shit!!! and the extra dollop of avo u got if your mate made the fries for ya. 

Anyways this is to evoke a change in the MCDONALDS LOOSE CHANGE MENU! please sign if you too want a cheap $2 burger that will help you through these difficult $12 gourmet burger meals. 

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