Stop fast-food chains from handing out plastic toys in children's meals!

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The children and I have been discussing how we can make the world a better place.  We came up with a solution: We would like fast food chains to stop handing out plastic toys, most of which eventually end up in landfills, with their children's meals.  There are alternative solutions for this issue.  We would like to see more natural materials, such as: wood, paper or metal used for these toys instead.  We would like to have things like books, paper and pencil sets, plush toys and other creative games offered instead of the plastic toys currently provided.

This will help to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment, helping animals and humans alike.  Our earth is currently being suffocated by plastic and we would like to do something about it. By signing our petition, you will be taking a step in asking large corporations to change their current practice.  Everyone can do a little something to change the world.

Please help us save our planet! Sign today!