McDonalds! Bring back mozzarella sticks!

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Every night I'd head over to my local McDonalds after a long hard day and look forward to my favourite cheesy snack. Then one Wednesday I walk in and I find them not on the menu. Frustrated, I buy a milkshake with shame instead. The next day I return, hoping they are in stock again only to find them to be replaced by some weird thing called Monterey Jack Cheese Melts. I was horrified! Where did my precious mozzarella snack go! After a long tantrum, I calmed myself, saying "oh McDonalds must have replaced them with something even better". Ressuarued I order some of these new overpriced cheese melts. I put one in my mouth and just no. That is just no. Legit what have you done!? These aren't better, they are weird and taste like chicken, not cheese! Bring back the real deal McDonalds! You've hurt my feelings. 

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