Get Rid Of Plastic Drinking Straws

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Plastic Drinking straws have been around for ages - but not always. Once, Paper Drinking straws were the only straws available, but they seem to have disappeared. Unlike plastic drinking staws which refuse to disappear - they last for AGES and they contribute to ocean pollution and marine animal deaths. We dont NEED plastic straws, we can wither do without them all together OR we can use paper ones ... its a small but important change.

McDonald's are only one of many fast food outlets to offer plastic straws - but they have no intention of changing, they think they have done enough and that people just don't care. Here is what they sent as a reply to me: "We can confirm that some of our cups, lids and straws are made from recyclable material, however we appreciate the feedback and we'll be sure to take it on board."

Yeah .... they'll take that RIGHT on board ........  Prove them wrong.