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Issue a correction and a serious public apology for running the Pitbull ad.

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Pitbulls have been painted in a negative light for years due to a rash of media sensationalism that blames the breeds included in the Pitbull category for violent/poor behavior, not the abusive and neglectful owners that make them behave poorly. This great breed, once known as the nanny dog for their tolerance and ability to care for small children, has been painted as a villain, just as Dobermans, German Shepherds, Huskies, and Rottweilers were in decades past.

By running this advertisement, McDonald's was promoting the culture that forces owners to kill their loving and well-behaved pets to comply with housing policies or pressure from their community- And only six days ago, a soap opera actor committed suicide out of guilt after being pressured into killing his Pitbull by his housing committee.

Pulling the ad was the correct thing to do, but not releasing a full-length public apology and correction simply communicates that they pulled the ad because they don't want to offend customers- Not because they think it was wrong in the first place. 

Tell McDonald's that the promotion of breed hatred and fear is not acceptable, and a Twitter-length apology isn't enough to make up for encouraging false stereotypes. Sign the petition, don't buy their 'food', and call them at 1-800-244-6227 to tell them what a bad decision they've made.

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