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McDonalds Australia: Stop using balloons in your campaign promotions and store decorations.

Balloons cause significant damage to our marine environments, more so to the creatures which inhabit them due to being released into the air and then ingested. Balloons also take a long time to break down and while doing so, release toxins into the environment.
Turtles, sadly are one of the biggest victims of balloons, mistaking them for jellyfish. Other animals affected include seabirds, dolphins and whales.
Balloons cause blockages in their digestive tracts resulting in a slow and painful death from starvation.
There is also a world wide shortage of helium which is a non renewable gas, another reason not to use balloons as promotional items.
As a MAJOR SPONSOR of Clean Up Australia Day, it's time they cleaned up their act and stopped the use of balloons in their store decorations and campaigns. Given that there is over 780 McDonald's restaurants Australia wide, that's a lot of balloons which have ended up polluting our environment including beaches and oceans over the years.

Letter to
Please stop using balloons in your campaign promotions and store decorations. They are killing our marine life and polluting our environment.
And as a major sponsor of Clean Up Australia Day, you should be showing good environmental stewardship by not killing our wildlife due to balloons ending up in their habitats.