We want McDonalds to replace their plastic straws with compostable ones.

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Picture a sea turtle suffocating. Picture a dead bird full of plastic. Picture a dolphin feeding plastic to its babies. Picture a colorfully coral, turned black from pollution. Picture a wave of plastic washing up people’s homes. Picture a dead tree covered in plastic. Now picture all of this stopping. Picture a more sustainable future. 

Over 1 million animals have died from straws and more are dying as you read this. McDonalds is one of the worst companies for the planet. Please help us tell McDonalds to stop using plastic straws and instead use compostable ones. If Mcdonalds stops using plastic straws, other companies might follow in their footsteps. This can lead to a brighter future for our planet. By signing this petition, you are joining the movement to improve the lives of millions of animals around the world, including us humans.