Vegetarian Burger at McDonald's Australia

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How often is it that you're a Vegan but come back dispappointed from McDonald's with no Vegan options or just coke and fries? The answer is ALWAYS!

With about 11% of the Australian population turning Vegan in the year 2016, the demand for Vegan foods has been ever increasing. More Aussies are now shifting to healthier food options and being Vegan is at the top of the list. But it turns out that our favourite fast food outlet, McDonald's cannot even include one Vegan/Vegetarian burger in their menu. Surely, to just include one Vegan patty with cheese, mayonnaise and veggies is not a big deal for McDonald's. If Domino's, Aporto and even Hungry Jacks can cater for Vegan options, what's stopping McDonald's from going ahead?

It's high time that a collective effort on behalf of a significant Australian population moving towards healthier food patterns in the form of Vegan foods can lead to McDonald's realising the need for including Vegan burger options in their menu!!!