Tell McDonald's Canada to accept reusable cups

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The average Canadian is responsible for the discarding of approximately 250 single-use cups per year. This enormous rate of consumption is a growing problem, as both the production and disposal of these cups have negative impacts on our environment, contributing to global warming, pollution, and the depletion of our natural resources.

At this moment, numerous companies including Starbucks and Tim Horton's accept reusable cups, and even encourage their use by offering a discount or sizing up the beverage. However, McDonald's Canada refuses to join the movement. In fact, when recently reached out to for an explanation of their policy, the response received from their guest contact centre recycled word-for-word statements that had been made by the corporation and used in a 2012 CBC article regarding this same issue. Certainly in 8 years, one might expect that some sort of progress has been made by a company claiming to recognize the global issue of single use plastics, but it has not. Certainly if other major corporations have been successful in allowing reusable cups for nearly a decade, McDonald's could do the same.

I believe that influential corporations such as McDonald's have a social responsibility to address their impact on the environment and do their best to minimize their damage. Our planet is in dire need of change if we have any hope of reversing the damage that humans have caused with our production of waste. Many individuals remain uneducated on the seriousness of this issue, and are not actively taking steps to reduce their own ecological footprint. And how can we expect them to if making such a simple decision like using their own reusable cup for their daily drink is made so difficult by businesses such as McDonald's?

Please sign and share this petition to encourage McDonald's Canada to change their company policy and accept reusable cups at their restaurants.