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Szechaun Sauce! I want that Mulan McNugget sauce McMorty!

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On October 7, McDonald's launched a promotion for their new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders (} which included exclusive and limited edition art posters and the now infamous (thanks to Rick Sanchez of C-137) Szechaun sauce first released 20 years ago for the film Mulan.

Thousands of excited Rick and Morty fans gathered at special McDonald's locations nationwide to participate in the new promotion and get some of that McNugget dipping sauce Szechuan sauce Morty.

Unfortunately, the release of these exclusive promotion items was so small that the vast majority of people left empty-handed, disillusioned, sun burnt (Texans), and hungry (actually saw many people going to Burger King while waiting in line at the location I went to in Colorado).

Many people voiced their concerns that they went to the locations listed on the above website, only to be told that the promo items were never there or had been given away hours before they were supposed to at 2:00 pm. Many fans also noted that these items starting selling on eBay a day before the promotion, suggesting the items had likely been stolen by employees.

This petition is to ask McDonald's to do a full release of the Szechaun Sauce and posters at all McDonald's locations, so that the numerous fans that missed out on the mistakes of this promotion can finally enjoy some of that sweet sweet sauce. It doesn't have to take us nine more seasons or 97 more years McMorty!

Come on McDonald's, do us a solid here for this mess up. Let's be the coolest universe in the multiverse and make Rick Sanchez of C-137 and his legion of fans happy!


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