Bring back the $1 cheeseburgers

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Bring back the $1  cheesies please Sunbury Maccas.


You can't just turn my life around like this. After many years of bliss together, and then  I turn my back you play a sneaky dirty rotten trick. Just think about what you have done. It's not only me that is affected, I can guarantee there is thousands of people in deep sorrow and anguish who have had one of life's little pleasures torn away from them. Tissue sales locally have gone through the roof, people are packing up and leaving , there is deserted houses and factories everywhere as people struggle to come to terms with what went so wrong so quickly in their lives and move on to greener pastures. The place will be a forgotten ghost town soon. Maccas, you can stop this.

 What else are $2 coins any good for other than to trade them in for a couple of handfuls of cheesy goodness?? What are we meant to do with them now, roll them down hills?  We can't eat them (trust me, I spent a week at the dentist after my first attempt).

People from all over the world used to be so jealous of us and now we have just a regular old Maccas same as anyone else. I had an uncle who especially flew over from Turkmenistan with only $100 spending money, he landed in Melbourne and drove out to Sunbury and took 100 of those little babies home to his people, he has since been elected as his countries King for commiting such a heroic act. Think of the place you could have in history books Maccas, please don't throw this all away.

Bring back those 1 buck Burgers.


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