Stop Sucking, Start Saving

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The problem is, when you use a plastic item, it could be a plastic lid to the plastic rings around drinks. Even the straws we take for granted. You wouldn't really be like "Oh My, I shouldn't use this!'. You would be like " Oh yeah its fine, its not a  problem",this is the problem. Just imagine your a sea turtle swimming in the ocean, then all of the sudden you see something in the water and you eat it. It ends up being plastic, and you are more likely to eat more because you don't know better. Us human we need to stop this, I've heard stories about sea life suffering because of us, and it really effects me. What you don't realize is that in 2050, there will be more plastic in the water then fish. Everyday we are polluting the water and killing marine life. Kids my age don't understand what we are doing wrong in our everyday life. I imagine what if us and the marine life switch roles, what if they are polluting the waters and not doing anything to try to help it. We would be the ones suffering. Most people don't understand what is so wrong with using plastic, until it shows. I hope this inspires you to start using metal straws and using less plastic items. One way you can help is to, bring your own cloth bags instead of using the store provided ones. Think about inputting this into your lives because it takes plastic bags from 15 to 1,000 years to break down and most of us won't be able to live longer then a decomposing plastic bag, now isn't that sad.