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Stop McDonalds' gender stereotyping

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My (then) seven year old son was SO excited when the Wizard of Oz toys came to McDonalds. We had just watched the movie in theaters (when it came out for its anniversary) and he was obsessed. However, when we got to McDonalds and he discovered it was the "girl toy", he no longer wanted it. I could see in his face that he was devastated and conflicted. "Do I get the girl toy and risk ridicule of or just take the boring boy toy?" I ended up buying Happy Meals for myself that whole stint so that "I" could collect the Wizard of Oz toys. Now, Power Puff Girls is at McDonalds. Again, he was excited... until he found out it was the "girls toy". I think that it should be a policy that cashiers ask if you want "Power Puff Girls or Hotwheels", "A stuffed plush or Batman", "Wizard of Oz or Transformers", etc. No more should it be allowed to ask "Is it for a boy or a girl?"! There are plenty of girls that play with cars and action figures. There are just as many boys that like to collect stuffed animals and Power Puff Girls (I actually know more boys that watch the show than girls). They should not be confined to what McDonald's thinks a boy or girl wants to play with. 

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