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McDonald's: Stop heating food in styrofoam containers.

The research showing the negative effects of leached chemicals in heated styrofoam is abundant, yet McDonald's still heats items like their gravy in styrofoam bowls. This reckless inconsideration puts millions at risk each day to the exposure of harmful chemicals, which leach out into food.

Letter to
CEO, McDonald's Don Thompson
Director, U.S. Communications, McDonald's Danya Proud
Stop heating food in styrofoam containers. It's harming your customers. The research showing the harmful effects of leached chemicals from styrofoam into food is abundant. Other options are available. McDonald's should use an alternative material to warm the foods currently being heated in styrofoam. Numerous individuals have found heat blisters on the inside of their styrofoam containers at McDonald's. It is unethical for McDonald's to still be heating in styrofoam with all of the available information on the effects of potentially cancer causing chemicals leaching in to foods, especially when heated. Please, use alternative materials in your food preparation process other than styrofoam.

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