Petition to manufacture Frankie Macdonald toys to McDonalds happy meals

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I have been a frankie fan for a while now, and I have seen many people happy with his merchandise, myself included.
But one main issue is the fact that you would have to go online to buy the action figure or bobble head. The problem is that they are only shipped from America, meaning that Frankie fans across the world would have to pay a considerable sum for shipping, sometimes even more than the product. So many fans that would like to support Frankie, but just don’t have enough money to buy his products, cannot support him.

If McDonald’s were to manufacture Frankie toys than Frankie could get enough money to continue making weather reports, and maybe even upgrade his current set up. Of course McDonald’s would not be able to make full size action figures, on account of them being too big and expensive to make compared to their other toys. To combat that there could be a whole new line of Frankie action figures based on the multiple characters found throughout his skits and sketches. Some examples include Zorktron, Fred bear, the vampire or orange man. These could be made in the fashion of bobble heads (with big heads and smaller body’s) and contain a button on the back which can play clips done by Frankie.

In conclusion, the Frankie Macdonald action figure would be a great addition to McDonald’s happy meal. The range of characters would lead to them being able to make different versions available to collect. Frankie is verified on Instagram and has a big fan base. The toys would be a way for fans to support him without them spending too much money. To contact me on any information on this you can dm my Instagram at frankiedefenceteambc