No Dispensers On Counters

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Being students who frequent the nearby McDonald’s after school, we noticed that straw dispensers are placed on the counters, giving customers the freedom to take as many as they wish and whenever they please. Though this seems harmless, it perpetuates the use of straws despite having dine-in orders.

These orders make use of paper cups and plastic utensils. After use, they are essentially disposed of. The need to use a straw does not arise in this context, except for those who really need one in order to consume the beverage that they ordered.

In today’s society, plastic has become very relevant in our daily lives, thus becoming more accessible anytime, anywhere. Way back in the year 2008, the global plastic consumption was around 260 million. Little did most people know that these plastic wastes have major effects in the environment each and every day. The colossal number of plastic leakages in the environment, specifically in the seas and oceans, remain to be there for a lengthy span of time. In this context, the destruction of the Earth’s ecosystem that maintains the life support in nature continues to expand each year and causes tons of harmful impact in nature and society.

The natural breakdown of organic substances is known as Bio-degradation wherein deceased animals and plants deteriorate. However, plastics do not undergo this bio-degradation; the environment does not have the capacity to breakdown these plastics due to its components. In this case, plastics can go through photo-degradation, broken down and change into small particles of plastic for photo-degradation is the breakdown of elements through the sun’s heat. Photo-degradation changes an element’s size but not the composition.


Plastic pollution is increasing, seas and oceans continue to be polluted and sea turtles continue to agonize. The construction and consumption of plastic straws contribute to the enormous death of endangered sea turtles wherein they can devour straws that stays inside their bodies. These plastic straws cause starvation to sea turtles for it blocks the stomach and its organs. In this sense, sea turtles experience infection and internal perforation that soon after leads to their death.

In this regard, to help in the alleviation of the plastic problem concerning us with the welfare of our environment, we ask you to join us in our petition to keep these straw dispensers away from the public. This might seem too much but keeping them off the counters will lessen the likelihood of people using straws for dine-in orders. Along with this, we ask you to help us shine a light on a resolution for such change. This resolution is the creation of a store policy that allows only the staff to provide the straws when necessary like takeout orders and orders of the elderly and people with disabilities.

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