McDonald's: Stop Using Plastic Straws!

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McDonald's has ~37,000 establishments worldwide that serve approximately 68 million customers every single day. The majority of their restaurants (with the exception of the U.K., which said it would begin to phase out plastic straws) distribute plastic straws and various other plastic products that pollute our oceans and have a devastating effect on the wildlife it supports.

Plastic makes up around 13 percent of the waste cycle, representing 32 million tons of waste. While around 9 percent of that plastic goes into recycling programs, the rest enters landfills, where it takes up space for hundreds of years or more. Biodegradable plastics, however, can break down over the course of several months. We could potentially lower that number to below 5 percent if this switch is made.

Based on research done over the years, scientists have concluded that anywhere between 5 and 13 million tons of plastic makes its way into our oceans every year. The fact that humans use 500+ million straws every single day is a large contributor to this growing issue; fast food joints play a big role in that statistic. If we can switch to biodegradable straws, we could lower that number by several million tons (3 to 4 million or more), which would make a huge difference!

It is not just McDonald's at fault for this problem; most restaurants use plastic drinking straws because of their convenience and cheap price, and we ourselves commonly use such products for the same reasons.

It is estimated that McDonald's distributes millions of plastic straws every single day, and these plastic-based products pollute our oceans and kill wildlife. Sea life digest and choke on these materials, leading to a slow and painful death. Sea turtles are a prime example and common victim of these man-made substances. Biodegradable/compostable straws are a more sustainable and efficient solution; they are able to decompose quicker than plastic straws and would also not pose as much of a threat to aquatic ecosystems.

As of May 25, 2018, McDonald's has voted to keep plastic straws in their restaurants. In fact, less than 8% of the votes agreed with the movement to ban plastic straws! This is not surprising but is still unacceptable, as there are other options available that would work just as well. Please sign this petition to ensure this issue stays in the light and doesn't fade into the background!

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