Ditch the plastic straws & cups for the environment

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In the year 2018, the world is literally drowning in plastic, most of which are single use plastic items such as plastic cups, plastic straws, plastic bags and plastic cutlery. According to the WWF Australia - On average, Australians produce 3 billion tonnes of plastic each year, but only 12% is recycled. More frightening still, up to 130,000 tonnes of that plastic will find its way into the ocean.At current rates, it’s predicted that there will be ten times more plastic in our oceans by 2020, and more plastic than fish by 2050 unless we do something about it. Whales and other marine animals lives are under huge threat if we don't reduce our plastic consumption. Most recently plastic straws have been stuck in the nostrils of sea turtles causing immense pain, suffering  and ultimately killing them.   
With franchises in over 100 countries and over 69,000 million customers its safe to say McDonald's in one of the largest fast food chains in the world and thus the social responsibility it bares is huge. For such a big corporation it's a shame that McDonald's Australia are still using plastic straws and plastic cups and don't even provide recycle bins to encourage consumers to recycle more. I think the time has come for big corporations to take initiatives to provide more sustainable options for consumers such as paper straws, paper cups when such options are so readily available.

#ditchplastic #saynotoplastic