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Petitioning CEO of McDonald's Jim Skinner

McDonald's: Demand that their suppliers stop boiling chickens alive

Chickens killed for McDonald's suffer broken wings and legs and are scalded alive in defeathering tanks due to the use of an outdated slaughter method. Chickens, just as our dogs and cats have the ability to feel pain, emotions, and the desire to live; which is why it's important that a less cruel slaughter method be implemented as soon as possible. Please call McDonald's HQ once a week and request that they adopt a less cruel slaughter method by calling (toll-free 7:00am - 7:00pm): 1-800-244-6227 Mailing Address: McDonald's Corporation 2111 McDonald's Drive Oak Brook, IL 60523

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Letter to
CEO of McDonald's Jim Skinner
Please demand that McDonald's suppliers stop boiling chickens alive and adopt a less cruel chicken slaughter method that is already implemented by most facilities.