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Build a St Andrews Mcdonald's branch

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It has long been the case, much to the bitter indictment of many dejected citizens of St Andrews - university students or otherwise - that this otherwise wonderful town does not contain within its boundaries a sacred set of Golden Arches. The subsequent lack of late night nugget provisions, among the many other services that are simply not available to these vindicated citizens, is a major concern, leading to many instances of the munchies (late night or otherwise) going simply unnoticed and uncared for.

Furthermore: if I, a man of humble yet deserving origins, am disallowed the right to order a 99p mayo chicken with medium fries at any time of day, on any day of the year - what else can I turn to? To what may I appeal to for the banishment of all things non-golden-and-delicious from my life? I call for a long awaited justice: St Andrews DESERVES a McDonald's; it should no longer be denied that which is so freely available to other cities, towns and boroughs. I call for a MCDONALD'S IN ST ANDREWS.

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