Bring Back the McPizza!

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During the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, McDonald's offered the delicious McPizza to its customers. McDonald's decided to eliminate the McPizza from their menu due to the amount of time it took to make, leaving fans of the product to only their nostalgic memories.  We started this petition because we want more than just the memories. We believe that the McPizza can find success in the twenty-first century and satisfy loyal customers. 

Today, restaurants such as Little Caesars and Pizza Hut Express succeed in producing pizzas that are ready to eat almost as soon as the customer places an order. We believe that if McDonald's uses similar methods, it can find success by reintroducing the McPizza to hungry, nostalgic customers. Several long-time fans have suggested that McDonald's stick to the slow-cook method to maintain quality, but create a separate section in the restaurant for strictly pizza making. Other fans have suggested McPizza bites, burgers or stombolis. We're confident that the creative minds at McDonald's can find a way to bring the McPizza back in a format that would be enjoyable to all! 

Sign this petition and show McDonald's that the McPizza deserves another chance! 

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