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Bring Back McDonald's Snack Wrap

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Why the Snack Wrap? Today dieting is hard for a lot of people, as a fitness Youtuber i can tell you off experience the main reasons are either the food doesn't taste so good, its expensive, or it's inconvenient. The McDonald's Snack wrap addressed all 3 of these problems - Cost, Taste, Convenience.. let me explain.

Cost -

Today we're all trying to save were we can, that's especially true when it comes to food, let alone a diet. The only competition to the McDonald's snack wrap is Wendy's. Their snack wrap costs $1.79 for 1. That may not seem like a lot, but most people will need to order 2 plus a drink which can equal over $5. if that is your meal 3 times a day your looking at over $15 for just your self. McDonald's Snack wraps are $1.50 making 2 of them with a $1 any sized drinks, your looking at $12 a day.. Best thing is, for the price.. it will actually get you full, and keep you full


I've been on MANY diets, from no carbs, juicing, to Completely just Chicken breast. One thing they all have in common, after a week of those diets, just thinking of the food was enough to make me sick. The taste of those foods were so dull and plain, id find my self breaking my diet. The McDonald's snack wrap did contain chicken breast, but the mixture in a snack wrap made it so delicious, i'd find my self craving them each day, even after months of being on a snack wrap only diet. Its the only diet i didn't have to question if i can continue to do it.


Sure, I can just make them at home, But that means going to the store, buying all the ingredients, 3 times a day heating up a pan, cooking chicken breasts for 15 minutes, slicing them, prepping the wrap, and cleaning all the dishes. Not to mention, what if i am at work, i can't do that, i'd have to meal prep, which means wake up earlier, and soggy tortillas when lunch time starts, it just plain sucks. McDonald's is as simple as a 5 minute drive thru. With McDonald's almost everywhere, i can guarantee no matter were i am i will be able to stick to my diet and have access to a fresh snack wrap, even if I am limited to a timed lunch break.


Please sign this petition and urge others to do so. If this Snack wrap comes back i promise to all of you is, i will go from 240 lbs of fat to 190 lbs of muscle in 3 months and document it all on my channel ..i am not looking for any sponsors, or any personal gain other than just an easier, affordable way for us all to be healthy and diet. Thank you.

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