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Use of the Loop n Pole method is very Primitive and CRUEL.

I have seen it being done all the time-animals-especially stray dogs in New Delhi-India are treated very badly and when the MCD is called to remove a dog-due to various reasons-maybe the animal is sick or bites people- whatever, the MCD and other shelters are still using the loop and pole, which is terrible.

On the 20th of this month, the MCD squad came to my area to catch a stray dog who has got into the habit of sneaking upto people and biting them, due to which reason the residents had decided to get rid of the dog-initially they had been chasing him around with sticks, cricket bats and bricks to beat him out of the area, but finally called in the MCD.

the dog which they were called in to take escaped, but they caught an old dog who is blind in one eye and very weak to run away.

the drama they created is what is very upsetting-they used the Pole and Loop thing to catch the dog and when they pull the rope-the loop tightens around the body part-in this case, the neck, resulting in chocking the animal, who in its struggle to get free may get chocked to death-and there have been incidents too, many times if the animal is small the neck breaks, moreso if its a pup.

the dog i am refering too has been rescued by a neighbour who went to the shelter where the dog was taken, and had him released, so he is back BUT DUE TO THE ORDEAL HE WENT THRU-HE IS IN SHOCK AND VERY TRAUMATIZED. HIS LIPS AND MOUTH ARE WOUNDED AND TORN.

the thing is that when public witnesses such a sight-especially children, they would never learn to understand that an animal is a living being too and it feels pain, instead they will conclude that its ok to hurt animal and no amount of cruelty is less. the MCD and animal shelters need to educate people on how to care for stray dogs and be compassionate towards them, feeding and caring for them is not a bane but a boon-since these animals turn out to be our guardians in many instances, we would not need to have guards to guard our homes if dogs are present, since they would alert us better in the event of any strangers entering our space.

so please do sign up and lets unite in the STOPAGE OF THE USE OF POLE AND LOOP METHOD AND CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.

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