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McCrory & Dalton: Participate in All-Inclusive 2012 NC Governor's Debate at UNCC

With only weeks to go before the election, not one Governor’s debate has included all the ballot-qualified candidates for the office of Governor. So far, all of the debates have excluded the libertarian candidate, Barbara Howe. In response, several organizations have teamed together to put on an additional Governor’s Debate inviting all ballot-qualified candidates to participate in mid to late October. We need your help to urge Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton to participate in this important all-inclusive debate.

The people of North Carolina deserve to have the opportunity to learn about all of their choices for Governor and to see how the candidates react to questions about important policy issues in North Carolina. The current debate setup that purposefully excludes a legitimate ballot-qualified candidate for the office of Governor, put on largely by the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters and a few other organizations, is not sufficient to provide this important role of civic organizations and the media to help foster understanding of the candidates. The current debates prevent the people of North Carolina from having an equal opportunity to know about their third option for Governor of North Carolina.

Free the Vote North Carolina, along with the Young Americans for Liberty of Charlotte, the UNCC College Republicans, Carolina Liberty PAC, NC Campaign for Liberty , the Libertarian Party of Mecklenburg County and the national Free & Equal Elections Foundation will be hosting the 2012 North Carolina Governor’s Debate at UNC Charlotte in mid to late October. So far, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Barbara Howe has confirmed her participation in the debate. Now, we only await confirmation from Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton that they will also participate in the debate.

We need your help to send a message to their campaigns urging them to participate in the debate and to support every North Carolinians right to know who the candidates for Governor are, instead of allowing the media to pick the candidates for them.

Letter to
Pat McCrory
Walter Dalton
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton.

I am writing you to urge you to participate in the all-inclusive 2012 North Carolina Governor’s Debate at UNC Charlotte in October.

So far, all of the scheduled debates have excluded a legitimate ballot qualified candidate for the office of Governor in North Carolina, the Libertarian candidate. As a citizen of North Carolina, I would urge you to participate in the upcoming debate that will allow the citizens of North Carolina to hear from all of the ballot-qualified candidates on the same stage, unlike the other debates, and provide them with the means to make a more informed decision in November.

I hope that you will attend this debate and show the people of North Carolina that you understand and believe in an election process that is free and open, and that allows the people of our great state to have the most information possible about those who propose to lead our state.



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