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Shark culling is the capturing and killing of sharks through drum lines and nets. Sharks are being killed for the safety of humans, finning, shark meat and various other reasons. The RSPCA and other organisations are trying their best to defend this soon to be endangered species and other marine life. 

This issue is environmental. Shark culling is affecting the marine ecosystem. Sharks are at the top of the sea’s food chain, meaning they are the predators of the whole ocean. Sharks keep their prey’s species evenly populated and healthy and they also keep their environment and sea grass beds healthy. They do this by eating the old, fragile and sick fish, turtles and other sea animals which will stop diseases spreading and helps the young animals reproduce. 

The issue is a concern for Western Australians because scientists have discovered that humans have culled around 100 million sharks each year, mostly from finning. Sharks have approximately been around for 400 million years, and with us humans coming in and wiping out around 100 million sharks a year, soon they could become extinct and that would cause great trouble in the ecosystem.