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Dui/oui higher insurance stricter sentences more victim programs

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My name is michael carfagna.  I was the victim of a drunk/drugged driver. On feb 23rd 2016, i was walking home on a  city/ state owned side walk. At 11 am from a eye doctors appointment.  I remember waking up 3 weeks later from being in a comma, not knowing what happened. I could not talk or eat from having a trake in my throat. Neck brace,fulll leg brace,catheter,breathing tubes,forced to take medications i am against for the rest of my life daily. I am told you are extremely lucky your alife. You have a new noise lol (plastic surgery). You suffered a brain hemridge, blood clots,severed aorta, fractured diafram, broken ribs, larcarated liver, bruised kidneys, abdominal muscle replaced, broken leg, replaced knee. Almos had to lose your leg. But your alive so be happy. The offender that hit mewas 4 times the legal limit, has over 30 yrs of driving infractions,  just hit someone a week before you. I can no longer jump,run,walk long distances, ride a bike,kneel. I lost everything that day. My lively hood that i have been paying my bills with for the last 20 yrs, never ride a motorcycle again (life long passion)play sports with my sons,suffer pain when the weather is bad, drive on road trips etc. While the offender is in jail he will recieve 3 meals, free meds,education, good health. When released will receive ssi,food stamps,housing etc. By the way he received 2 yrs in prison (be out after 70% of time is done.) He also only carried $20 grand personal injury insurance. State requirements.  I have two years of rehab. Neighborhood health (mass health)has a $7,000 lien on me. I am behind in child support cause i could not work (interest and penalties) receive $300 a month from welfare $189 food stamps. Pay over $60 a month for my meds,no way to pay rent,bills. I suffer from depression, anxiety, head heaches. His insurance decides to pay out max of $20.000. DOR gets $5000, neighborhood health $6600, lawyer $65000, i was gifted $1700. My medical bills are over $300 grand. Police log states offender had $12 grand on his person when accident happened. Was used for his defense... so here i am left to rebuild my life. I can receive ssdi. I wait over a year. I am approved. The state holds back 5 months and owed child support, lawyer fee,money owed to state for their help, i receive $700. My monthly check will be $1275. After child support $575. I am told to go to cambridge court get a adjustment. I apply for housing 2 yr waiting list. What about me the tax paying legal citizen, innocently walking home on
a public side walk at 11 am on a tuesday. I applied for the states victim compansation fund and was denied.

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