August 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Ministry of Corporate Affairs has started/ launched its new portal named as V3 for online/ web-based filing of Forms of Limited Liability Partnerships in the month of March, 2022.

Since the launch of the website to date, it is hardly working and every person who is involved in the filing of forms with the MCA (i.e Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, and Cost & Management Accountants/ Advocates, etc) is facing issues at every step of mca V3 portal.

Also, the government has launched it without having any trial on it, every person is having technical issues at every step but the government is not caring about it, also they do not have any technical team to resolve the issues within the time frame. They do ask to register a complaint and their thug team resolves it without removing the issue and they ask to re-register the complaints. 


All the aggrieved persons are shouting at mca but the department is behaving like a dumb and deaf. Ultimately it is a small businessman who is suffering due to this thoughtless implementation of the mca V3 portal, by paying multiples of times of fees due to delay in submission of forms, that too without having any issues from their side (Its mca whose website is not working and thus delay has occurred in the submission of forms and late fees have occurred)

A glimpse of the technical issue faced at the mca V3 portal is as under:

1) Issue while logging in/ no-response/ hang in.

2) My application page does not load/ reflect the list of transactions

3) Unable to prepare the forms

4) In Forms - user information does not get Prefilled, resultantly, we can not proceed to on next page

5) In Forms - user information does get wrong Prefilled information, resultantly, we can not proceed with wrong information.

 6) Form does not allow multiple enries witihin the forms 

7) Submit button does not work

8) SRN does not generate

9) Unable to make payment

10) After making payment - challans/ receipt does not generates

11) Duplicate payments have happened

12) There is no process to get a refund (Thats the height of insanity)

13) and many more technical issues can be listed at least 50 technical issues.

Due to all these, there are many persons whose forms are pending for submission and late fees are being increased by multiples but the government does not care and is sitting to loot the small business persons.

I request to unite all the professionals and file a petition in court to stop working on mca V3 portal/ or no fees shall be charged till the website gets 100% functioning.


CS Gajendra Singh Sengar

Practicing Company Secretary




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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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