Call for an investigation on Colonel Amer Khan Durrani's consistently abusive behaviour

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For as long as most of us have been at LUMS, we have been aware of Colonel Amer's tyrannical, dictatorial, and abusive methods of governance. His inhumane treatment extends beyond the entire support staff in LUMS, from the janitorial staff, the guards, and the classroom staff to even the employees at the khokha, PDC, and Jammin. We feel ashamed to witness instances when he dehumanises the LUMS staff because he considers them beneath him. The tenets of equality may be preached to us, but by staying silent we have failed some of the most important members of our community. Please sign this form so that the management committee, the VC, and other involved parties can be made aware of the reach and magnitude of the situation. If we do not act, and act soon, he will only grow more powerful and untouchable.