Marion County TN Schools Must Inform Parents of Threats and Outcome of Threats

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As of Monday 3/12/18 7:00PM We have received no comment from Dr. Griffith. Please email to stay directly involved in further plans for students and parents. 

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Please sign if you support Marion County TN Schools informing parents of all threats and outcomes to these threats, as well as the list of demands below.

This petition along with any personal stories submitted will be delivered to the Marion County Schools office attention Dr. Mark Griffith on Monday morning March 12th.
You do not have to be a parent to sign and support the safety of your communities schools. Students are also welcome to sign. 
The students already have a walk out planned for March 14th at 10am @Marion County Highschool. If the demands are not addressed, we welcome all in the community to join the students during this walk out. 

We are all aware of the threat made by a student on Wednesday March 7, 2018. Our sources were our children, fellow parents, and news outlets.  The student threatened to do the shooting on Friday March 9th.  Is this student detained until after this date? Is this student expelled and will have no further access to our school?

What we have found out today, Thursday, is a group of this students' friends have since made their own threats against the school. As of Thursday evening we know school is still going to be held on Friday but have these students also been detained? One parent called the sheriff directly to ask if they'd been detained and he was not even aware of the situation. (This was after school when students came home sharing their stories.)

The rumor about the latest situation is that the threats were not taken seriously by the group of boys. This is unacceptable. If we have a zero tolerance rule where our children cannot defend and hit back when they are hit, then we need a zero tolerance rule when threats are made to our schools made by students

Many students, even entire classes, have spoken up and refuse to attend school on Friday. One sophomore left school in tears on Thursday because she was so frightened. As parents we support our children and are not going to ignore their fears.

Both ourselves as parents and our children have been given no reassurance in detail of the safety precautions taken to keep them safe. We will not send our kids to school in fear. The automated call telling us that school is still in session with School Directors and Police on sight is not good enough. How many extra officers will there be? Will they be posted at the doors where kids enter? Even with the gym doors locked, people open them and let friends in. We as local parents know that access to our school is not difficult. 

Our Demands as Parents:

1. We are informed of all threats and the outcome by the end of the day that the threat was made.  (We understand that direct names cannot be given but we can be told of the nature of the threat and that the perpetrator is in custody and will be given proper treatment and/or punishment for the threat.) We will not allow our students, news channels, and rumors be our only source of information.  
2. No threat will be ignored or go unpunished. Zero Tolerance
3. An immediate meeting no later than Monday March 12, 2018 will be set for both students and parents for an update of the current threat situation as well as an announcement that the school will be working to meet the demands listed. 
4. No student will be marked unexcused on Friday March 9th due to not feeling safe. 

We will not stand idly by and allow our children to be the next national news story and victims in their school. We will not ignore their justifiable fears. 

If you'd like to be informed directly by the outcome of this petition or join a group of parents that want to continue to work together on the needs of our students or if you have a direct story to tell that you would like delivered along with this petition please email

Please sign and share with all your Marion County friends and student supporters! 

Update: Marion County Messenger says that first student arrested has been suspended for 365 days via Dr Mark Griffith. (Searching for news updates should not be what every parent in county has to do.) 

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