Request for a Second Entrance to MBTA Commuter Rail Station at Windsor Gardens

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The citizens of Walpole and Norwood petition MBTA to provide a second entrance to the Windsor Gardens train station in Norwood MA.

It is inconvenient for many communities in Walpole and Norwood to use the MBTA Commuter rail station at Windsor Gardens, as currently there is only one entrance via the Berkshires apartments at Windsor Gardens. This entrance prevents many daily commuters living less than a mile from walking and they have to depend on others to drive them to the station. The high speed traffic and limited sidewalks on 1-A/Main St. make the commute difficult for travelers who choose to walk to the station. During the winter this commute is more difficult and takes longer, as snowbanks cover the sidewalks, streets are narrower, and traffic is still present.

The residents of Walpole and Norwood request an addition of a second entrance to the Windsor Gardens station at Ryan Drive in Norwood at the earliest.