Alternatives to plastic utensils in Toronto restaurants

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Today, Canada is one of the cleanest countries on Earth and I am proud to live in a democratic nation, where each individual and every business can make the right decision to support a life-long healthy path to success. Toronto's population is growing steadily and the City Council is looking for solutions to manage garbage, especially single-use plastics. 

Last October, as part of the Long Term Waste Management Strategy, the City has conducted consultations with the goal of banning plastic straws and reducing plastic waste by early 2019, however, a solution was not implemented. The consultations will proceed to Stage 2 and new developments will be posted on In the meanwhile, more plastic cutlery will be used and tossed in the trash, as many busy Canadians continue to eat out in places that serve food and offer plastic utensils. The responsibility of our government and institutions is to provide alternatives to single-use plastics to ensure the health and well-being of the Canadian population.   

It is important to consider individual needs and accommodations by having a reserve of non-plastic cutlery such as Morelia's straws made from avocado seeds, and cut down on the use of plastic cutlery in bars and restaurants. The cost of these can be included in the price of the meal or charged as a 10-25 cent levy. Once Torontonians are aware of the alternatives to plastic cutlery, they can live better, knowing that the by-product of their meal does not end up in a landfill.

Also, the City has to fund this initiative, by providing the first round of non-plastic cutlery to concerned businesses as a starting point. In this way, people who don't carry a set of reusable utensils can still enjoy their meal. In the future, they would need to purchase their own utensils.

Sign the petition if you agree with this solution to help Toronto transition to a plastic-free economy and keep Canada clean. This petition has been sent to Mayor John Torry, Ali Baba's food chain founder and Skip the Dishes marketing agent. If you know any other businesses who can benefit from this solution, please leave a comment. Thank you!