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U.S. National Parks: Please take over and preserve the Haiku Stairs (aka Stairway to Heaven) in Hawaii.

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As a resident of Hawaii, I love to hike. I have done many hikes in Hawaii, but the one that I would love to try (but do not want to get in trouble doing) is the famous Haiku Stairs (aka Stairway to Heaven). I know thousands of people around the world would agree with me that they would love to try it, but worry about the safety and legal issues concerning this popular hike.

There is an average of 150 people a week who attempt this illegal hike by waking early in the morning to avoid the security guards. Within the past few months, the police have been more aggressive in issuing tickets to these hikers. Within the past week, the stairs have been victim of high winds and large sections have been damaged causing many hikers to be stranded.

The owners of the Board of Water Supply fear that not only will the current conditions of the these stairs be dangerous to hikers, but that the amount of people who hike these stairs will cause damage to our watershed lands.

Please take a look at this recent news article:

The only logical solution in saving these stairs is preserving this land and making it a National Park. This will not only encourage the generation of today to exercise and appreciate nature in its fullest (Obama's initiative), but this will also allow the right people who have the appropriate funds to study how to the ideally renovate these stairs and make them safe, as well as, have the correct laws already in place to help preserve this watershed lands for future generations.

The Board of Water Supply have already asked the U.S. National Park Services to take over the lands, but they TURNED IT DOWN! Let's try to change their minds with the power of social media and good old fashion petitioning! Please share this petition with as many people as you can!

This hike symbolizes the true natural beauty of Hawaii.  Let's make it a national issue and try to get the U. S. National Parks to help preserve this famous trail.

Special thanks to flickr account user Ruidiw212 who took this beautiful photo.

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