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Boulevard Park And Infrastructure (131 years and the COB still refuses to get anything done)

Jon Humphrey
Bellingham, WA, United States

Mar 30, 2021 — 

So I had the privilege of being able to go on a walk today when I had an unexpected break in my work day. It is a gorgeous day and I hope you all get outside. I took one of my best friends, my dog Wendy. She is amazing.

However, I can't help but notice infrastructure everywhere I go. I guess when you've been focused on it for as long as I have it's 2nd nature. I promise there is a COB fiber intentionally missed opportunity here, just bear with me.

While there I noticed the city's signs from 2018 about how it's still unsafe to spend prolonged time on the beach because they still haven't finished cleaning up the site from contamination caused by a gas factory in the 1890s. I guess 131 years just isn't enough time to complete a clean-up in. I'm sure they'll somehow try to blame COVID, or maybe even the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. But that still leaves them with 129 years to have completed the work in. I guess they must need at least 150 to complete any project. Remember, the COB exists in a time warp. Where it might take the rest of us 3 years to complete a similar project apparently it takes the COB at least 50 times as long.

Moving on there is a bathroom there that has been closed for about 4 years. It has a broken sewer line which could be easily fixed. In fact, public works director Eric Johnston often tells us that he can't do other infrastructure work, like fiber, because of his work on water and sewer problems. I guess even a simple repair takes at least 5 years on COB time.

Now onto the fiber piece. A few months ago I posted pictures of the COB public fiber cabinet that's in Boulevard park by the RIP Tide apartments. There is more access by Woods' coffee. Tiger Construction, who has a COB contract to build out part of the park at great expense, could easily provide access to the COB fiber which is less than 100 yards away from the Woods' coffee location there. A location that serves thousands of people with not just coffee but internet access, including lots of Western students and faculty. Eric said is the pretend conduit ordinance he wrote to protect big telecom that I wrote about here, that he would "look for opportunists to put conduit in." Well, that was a lie. And we see it here. So, what are the actual results? Although Tiger and the COB are more than capable of putting conduit in and providing public access to it, they have not been directed to do so because Eric is preventing them from doing so to protect big telecom. So even in this location, that is literally already pre-wired with COB public fiber, this expensive project will be completed without any conduit being put in and no new access. So I guess what the COB meant is that they will look for every opportunity to waste your money and not expand access to protect big telecom as we see here.

I am 100% sure that if you ask them about this they will make up a reason to raise your taxes again and pretend that they just can't afford it otherwise. It's all lies. They have plenty of money and waste it every time they don't follow Dig Once practices. It's obvious this is their goal. Fiber pays for itself, and Dig Once saves money. They're hoping you'll settle for nothing now and settle for nothing later. Can we have a new public works director yet?

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