Say NO to plastics NOW.

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Daily, about 10,000 tons of plastic wastes make it to our oceans, rivers, and seas.  This pollution on our natural resources hampers our choices and degrades our way of life.  The environment cannot wait for governments and corporations to act in our behalf.  Meanwhile, our natural habitat is already damaged.  It's time to take matters into our own hands, by doing the following steps:

1.) Cut down on disposables, use wares you can re-use.  Bring your mugs or tumblers in cafes and your own bags in grocery stores.

2.) Say no to straws when ordering. Tell the waiter, you won't need a straw.

3.) Recycle plastic items as gifts or find new purpose for them. You may Google or Youtube suggested ways of doing this.


Straws are among the top 10 marine debris items.

Straws are polypropelne - the same petroleum by-product that fuels vehicles. Petroleum plastics are designed to last forever.

Plastic make up 90% of all the world's trash.

About 44% of all seabirds and 22% of cetaceans have ingested plastic.