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Tell Mayors for Safe Cities to stop their bigotry campaign against Hispanics Americans

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As a Muslim American who came to the United States as an Iraqi refugee in 2011, I know what it means to be displaced by force from your own land. I did not have a choice to leave Iraq and became a refugee. I did not have a choice but to stay 6 years as an undocumented immigrant in Syria waiting for my refugee’s vetting process to be done by the Department of Homeland security. I know how living in the shadow looks like. I know, what did it means to let it go when you get attacked by someone, raped, or become a victim of domestic abuse, without opening my mouth in fears of deportation. I know that if I were deported from Syria, I will lose my refugee’s application to the U.S. and my life would be at risk in Iraq.

That’s why today I stand up and support SB 54 that will make California a sanctuary state. I stand up today and defend my Hispanic brothers and sister against the national racially profiled agendas that was created by the 45th. I stand up today and speak up on their behalf because I know how it feels when you are voiceless. I know how it feels to be separated from your love once. I know how it feels when you are separated from your mother, father, brothers and sisters. And I also know that we are the Golden State and the face of our nation. California is not only the sixth largest economy on earth, it is also the representative of freedom and justice in our nation and the world.

Today, I demand the so-called Mayors for Safe Cities to step down from their positions in standing by SB 54. I want to tell these mayors and public officials that, tearing families apart will not make us any safer. It will actually create a society that lives in the shadow, and will have no choice but to work with gangs or prostitution line of business. This is not the California that I know, and these are not American values. I demand that these public officials to start looking after their constituents benefits and welfare instead of following their national party’s bigotry agendas. Mayors and public officials’ job is to follow the laws of their states not standing up against it. It is our constitution that separate powers to create a balance and check system. It is their duty as conservatives to follow the constitution that the conservative movement values demand.  

We the people, would like to remind these public officials that they work for us, the people, not for the federal government or their own party. We demand that they do their jobs or resign. If you really claim that you are mayors for a safe cities, then do your job and keeps our immigrant neighbors safe, or step down from your position. It is your duty and job to follow the law of our state, not to write them. We won’t allow you to spend our tax payers’ money on politicized agendas. We will not allow you to spend our tax payers’ money in court rooms to enrich your lawyers. If you want to sue the state, do it on your own time and with your personal money, not our money. Do your job, or resign. We will resist. We will fight back.

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