Do Little Children Need to Suffer and Die?

Do Little Children Need to Suffer and Die?

July 8, 2019
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Mayor John Belvedere and 10 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Philanthropic Athlete's Foundation (Dormant)

Quebec is the worst place for charitable giving in all of Canada and the USA. The rate of volunteerism is no better. The problem is sociological. The Québécois are exceptional with their hands stretched out palm up, but they totally suck with reaching into their pockets and finding anything to donate.

The goal is to have the 50,000 participants of Velo Quebec events, INVITED to raise funds for charities.

Is it time yet for Quebec to improve, or should we simply continue to let the sociological problems fester?

Please sign and share this petition. It’s time for our mayors to solve simple problems when they can.

No more public funding for Velo Quebec, until the 50,000 participants of their events are INVITED, not forced to raise funds for hospitals, medical research, the homeless, the starving, the environment and every other worthwhile thing.

its long overdue that the Québécois learn to support charities at the same level as do others in Quebec!

We the undersigned call upon our mayors and councillors to pass motions calling on the Agglomeration to defund Velo Quebec until their participants are INVITED to raise funds for charities.


Murray Levine 

Volunteer Fundraising Consultant and Charity Activist






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Signatures: 43Next Goal: 50
Support now
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Decision Makers

  • Mayor John Belvedere
  • Mayor Alex Bottausci
  • Mayor Georges Bourelle
  • Mayor Maria Tutino
  • Mayor Michel Gibson