Support Life-Saving Reparative Justice for Las Vegas American Descendants of Slavery #ADOS

Support Life-Saving Reparative Justice for Las Vegas American Descendants of Slavery #ADOS

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The following claims are essential to the livelihood and continual survival of a specific demographic that has long since been ignored and blanketed under the guise of "people of color" and minority labels. The course of principal actions often put forth by policymakers is, more often than not, awarded to other protected classes that fit those labels, while the descendants of chattel slavery suffer and are denied the opportunities that building a nation should warrant. As local representatives, it is your duty to fight for the lives and stability of ALL of your constituents. ADOS will no longer blindly support candidates that disregard and facilitate the erasure of our lineage. The following data underpins how important this fight is for ADOS and why it is pertinent that our local representatives join the fight to keep our demographic from drowning under the weight of the institution of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, convict leasing, mass incarceration, and immigration.

The following information was taken from the World Population Review and lends to the claim of ADOS and the dire need for reparative justice. 

Poverty in Nevada

After Natives, the race most likely to be in poverty in Nevada is Black, with 24.48% living below the poverty level.

Median Household Income by Race

Blacks have the lowest median household income by race at $37.4k compared to Asians with the highest median at $61.8k.

Nevada Homelessness by Race

The 2013 Southern Nevada Homeless Census and Survey shows 36.1% of respondents identified their racial/ethnic group as Black/African American. The percentage for this category has increased since 2011 (28.7%). In contrast, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that only 11% of the estimated 2011 general population of Southern Nevada identified as Black/African American.

More currently, in the 2019 Southern Nevada Homeless Census and Survey, the majority of respondents identified their racial group as White/Caucasian (55.7%), with the second-largest group at 33.1% identifying as Black/African American. estimates the 2019 Black population at 10.1% which has shown a marked decrease; only accounting for 8.93% currently in 2020. With such a small population those numbers are devastating to our demographic living within the state.

A Call to Action

Based on these figures alone the need for economic justice on behalf of American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) is imperative. These efforts deserve the support of local representatives to help push the narrative and demand reparations be paid to those that have been inherently disadvantaged by the aftershock of slavery, discrimination, and injustice in this country. Our demographic has not benefitted and can no longer rely on blanketed policies in hopes that we receive the after spray to facilitate life and our pursuit of economic stability. We need specific policies set forth for our demographic to help rebuild our long-suffering lineage and provide a promise of an unrestricted future for our generations to come.

Please sign this petition to show your support in the fight for reparations for the American Descendants of Slavery of Las Vegas.

ADOS Fight for Reparations Nationwide

**Data presented from the ADOS website

Codified by government and exploited by private actors, the creation of an #ADOS underclass served as the financial engine of a nation that never recognized the debt it owed to the group as a result. As such, the #ADOS movement is underpinned by the demand for reparative justice in making the group whole, and as a necessary component in fulfilling the promise of opportunity from which, by design, ADOS have been historically excluded and denied (

The truth of ADOS life is seen nowhere more clearly than the racial wealth gap in this country. Closing the racial wealth gap requires a New Deal for Black America. President Trump’s assertion during the 2016 Presidential campaign that Black Americans “have nothing to lose” was met with defiance by those on the Left, but the data supported the statement. From overall wealth levels to homeownership, to student debt levels and beyond African Americans across this nation are suffering (

According to a study from Brookings, half of Black Americans who are born poor stay poor. Most Black kids who are born into middle-class families are downwardly mobile. And as Duke University economist Dr. William “Sandy” Darity, and co-founder of the ADOS movement, Antonio Moore, along with other researchers observed in their study What We Get Wrong About Closing the Racial Wealth Gap, the concentration of ADOS at the bottom economically is a consequence of lack of wealth transfers and multi-generational oppression, not an individual agency or cultural patterns. #ADOS #AmericanDOS sets out to shift the dialogue around the identity of what it is to be African American in an effort to move the discussion from melanin, and properly center the discussion around lineage (

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