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No More Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in the Excelsior / Outer Mission. Enough is enough!

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Dear Neighbors,

On April 28, 2016, San Francisco's Planning Commission will conduct a hearing regarding Green God's Compassion's application to open a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) at 100 Sickles Avenue in San Francisco, CA. This proposed location is approximately 6.5 blocks from two existing cannabis clubs.

Both TreeMed (5234 Mission Street) and Mission Organics (5258 Mission Street) are located on the same block and already service the southern end of the City. Along with Green Cross (4218 Mission Street), the Excelsior / Outer Mission Neighborhood has THREE MCD's. Some of the existing MCD's also provide delivery service. 

The proposed location of 100 Sickles Ave. is not suitable for another club. The proposed location is approximately 350 feet from Daly City and the San Mateo County Line. What residents would this location really service, SF residents at the edge of the City or Daly City and Peninsula residents seeing it as the first stop when making their way into San Francisco? Why should our district have to accommodate another club when other districts in this city still haven't seen their share. 

Furthermore, this location is close to two parks. Sears-Lessing Park (S.F.) is a block away and Lincoln Park (Daly City) is two blocks away. Also, located two short blocks away from 100 Sickles Avenue is MAC's Children & Family Services. MAC's is Group Home but unfortunately it wasn't enough to remove 100 Sickles from consideration. Two schools (SF Christian School and Longfellow Elementary) are just beyond the 1000 feet which would've automatically disqualified 100 Sickles Avenue. Also, the proposed storefront is on a block where ALL other buildings are residential. 

The Excelsior / Outer Mission is a diverse residential neighborhood with a large number of families and children. In District 11 we've already seen our share of MCD's. Our district has also seen clustering of these clubs. Does the Excelsior / Outer Mission really need another MCD when two other clubs are located only a few blocks away? Does San Francisco need to provide MCD services for Daly City and Peninsula residents?

Please join your neighbors, several community groups, and key stakeholders in urging the Planning Commission to NOT allow an MCD at 100 Sickles or anymore MCD's in the Excelsior / Outer Mission. 


The Outer Mission Merchants and Residents Association (OMMRA)

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