Save Diamond Hill Park

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The year was 1974 when Community School had its year-end cookout at Diamond Hill Park. The 5th grade class spent the day playing wiffle ball in the field at the back of the park, climbing the hills, playing on the bandstand, and walking on the wall around the pond which was full of water.  What struck all of us about that day was how clean and pristine the park was.  The grass was lush and park was well cared for.

Unfortunately, those days are gone.  Since the Town of Cumberland took over management of the park, Diamond Hill Park has become a rundown, neglected, trash filled eyesore. The park is a perpetual construction zone for most of the year, taking months to set up for Haunted Hill and the Christmas event.  After these events, it takes months to break down and clean up.  Trash and props from Haunted Hill still littered the park at the end of December; Christmas lights still hang in the park today, 5 months after that event ended.  Trash from the FIT challenge still littered the woods a month after that event.

The park lawns have been destroyed by too many vehicles driving on them, and when it rains, they turn to mud.  Three very large shipping containers have now ruined the field where the Community School wiffle ball game took place so many years ago, and the pond drains every summer because the town is unwilling to spend $20 and an hour of labor to maintain the wooden dam.   

Please sign this petition to implore the Cumberland Mayor and Town Council to adopt the following changes:

1.  All events must be cleaned within 24 hours of the end of an event.  Clean-up must be verified by a non parks-and-recreation employee.

2.  Equipment and props will not be set up more than one week prior to the commencement of any event.

3.  Storage containers will be removed from the (wiffle ball) field behind the bathroom facility.

4.  Haunted Hill will be moved back into the woods, and off the park lawns...and will not be leased to/ or run by a for-profit company.

5.  The wooden dam to the pond will be replaced and a spray fountain will be installed, as per the 1998 Diamond Hill Park master plan that was approved by the Cumberland Town Council (in 1998).

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