We Demand the #AuroraStrong Experience!

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Our community is tired of the over-policing in poor and minority communities, systematic racial, and economic bias in our criminal justice system, and the mass incarceration of minorities.

Our intent is to better the Aurora community and improve so that everyone has the #AURORASTRONG experience. We want a culture developed in the police department where officers hold each other accountable instead of turning a blind eye, and actively intervene when they see an officer misconduct in the progress.

We have compiled a list of demands that we require to be acknowledged and for action to be taken upon by our city officials, police department, Kane County Sheriff’s department and State’s Attorney’s Office. 

We demand the following:
(1)   There must be transparency with the internal complaint process against officers. When a complaint is made against an officer the police department must publish it to the public and the State’s Attorney’s Office must publish the complaints on all social media platforms. If the State’s Attorney’s Office does not want to publish the complaints to the public on social media, they must refrain from publishing all Defendants prior to a conviction.
(2)   We demand that there be a mandated limit to the amount of founded formal racist, sexist and excessive force complaints that an officer is allowed to have. Once the maximum amount of complaints is reached, the officer must be terminated.
(3)   When an officer’s misconduct is criminal the State’s Attorney’s Office must prosecute. Officers should not be allowed to obtain plea deals. Officers are not allowed to be prosecuted by the State’s Attorney’s Office prosecuting in their jurisdiction.
(4)   Restraint tactics must be examined on an annual basis. All forms of suffocation as a form of restraint must be removed.
(5)   There must be a clearly defined and attainable avenue that an individual is able to take to have their name removed from the Gang database.  This information must be published to the public.
(6)   There must be a monthly open grievance forum that law enforcement is required to attend. This forum must be open to the public and must allow the community to voice their concerns with law enforcement. If in fact a similar forum is already available, more information must be given to the community.
(7)   No government building should be allowed to post “Blue Lives Matter” inside or outside the building unless other groups are allowed to post their statements as well.
(8)   Continued trainings and psychological evaluations that include lie detector testing and real implicit bias trainings for officers.
(9)   There needs to be ongoing psychological assessments of officers throughout their careers with recommendations made binding.
(10)                  The inclusion of civilians in a disciplinary process that is involved whenever an officer may be terminated.
(11)                  That there must be no cooperation with ICE.
(12)                  That all officers are required to wear body cameras.
(13)                  All Aurora police officers must reside in Aurora, IL.

We hope to have an open and productive discourse with the leadership in our community to achieve these demands.