Petition to have Neil Peart honored with a plaque or statue in Lakeside Park

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Thanks everyone for the unbelievable reaction and outpouring of love towards a memorial in Lakeside Park for Neil Peart! The city of St Catharines and the mayor are putting forward a motion January 27th to have the pavilion named after Neil as well as some other sort of tangible memorial. Here's hoping that passes with full aprooval... I see no reason why it wouldn't. My mission when starting this petition was to get people talking and have this memorial become a reality... It seems we are on our way... I fully trust the city and its planning comitee will make it happen with everyone's wishes in mind.. Me and my partner in this Kelly Edgar will be watching this unfold til the end. Again.. Thank you everyone very much for the support...! Much love to all. And see you at the unveiling! ❤️ � #neilpeart

Tony McLaughlin
1 year ago