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Make Vulgar Protest Signs Illegal

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While I firmly believe in Canadians right to freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and right to protest, I believe these rights must not impinge on the rights of others to feel secure in their person and free from persecution. Women's reproductive rights have always been a hot topic, one I thought we settled with R v Mortgantaler in 1988. 

The recent increase in these anti-abortion signs as part of demonstrations around St Catharines is inflammatory; I believe in educating women as to their choices this can not be done through shocking, vulgar signs featuring aborted fetuses. Further, these signs are traumatic not only for women who have made this legal choice but to women who have suffered miscarriages and the children who see these images. 

A member of Toronto city council has brought forward a motion to make these signs illegal ( In an effort to prevent counter protests and further violence on both sides, let St Catharines lead the way in creating a by-law as to what constitutes vulgar and inflammatory protest signs.   

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