Shut down Winterpast Farm -The Pseudo Sanctuary

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Taylor Jesch
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Winterpast farm claims to be an “animal rescue and sanctuary”; which appears to defraud the public. The animals are bred by Farmer Mary so their babies can be exploited for profits.

According to Farmer Mary, she is an exhibitor, renter of animals for profit, petting zoo for profit and visitors allege Mary is selling animal meat of different types to the public. There is no record of a nonprofit or corporation under the farm name or owners name found in the state of NC.  It is a concern that Farmer Mary may not complying with state or federal laws regarding animal exhibition, renting out animals for profit, petting zoos, homing wild deer or allegedly selling various animal meats she slaughters.

It appears Winterpast farm has been neglecting and abusing animals for several years.  Proof from both photographic evidence and firsthand visitor accounts reveal animals’ hooves are overgrown, animals are not getting proper food or shelter, pens are seen filled inches with feces, animals are injured, sick with infections and babies are taken from their mothers for profit while paid visitors handle them. Animals are seen with wounds from fighting while competing for food and do not appear to receive proper vet care, or as visitors claim – are eaten as food.

It is a health concern that Farmer Mary continues to operate a non- essential business through volunteers and high volumes of rent-a-pet in the midst of this pandemic.

Farmer Mary claims that animals are dropped off as “unwanted pets”, but we have seen messages from others alleging Mary has asked people to buy her more animals and then donate them to her so she can use them in her rent-a-pet program. This program uses the excessive amount of baby goats, lambs, hedgehogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs which Farmer Mary is breeding on her farm.  It appears if any animals are adopted out they are intact and animal flipping is also a concern.

We have reached out to local animal welfare societies who have known about these issues, to the North Carolina Department of Animal Welfare, animal control, the local police department, and we have reached out to Farmer Mary's sister who agrees that Farmer Mary is in denial about the poor treatment.

Please sign and share the petition to educate the public that pretending to be a sanctuary and rescue while breeding and profiting from new born babies is not acceptable.

Please contact the authorities and ask for an immediate animal cruelty investigation into Winterpast Farm and to ensure the proper licensing, state laws and federal regulations are being practiced.

Winterpast Farm - (919) 244-1800)
"Dates Employed Jun 2002 – Present, Employment Duration 17 yrs 11 mos
I raise meat and milk goats, llamas, sheep, emu, angora rabbits, chickens...I host school, family, scout and other groups for farm tours, pony birthday parties etc".