My Family Kidnapped my girlfriend, help me save her.

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June 2016 my girlfriend Amanda Christine O'brien-Martinez went missing out of no where so I did a missing person report with the Tacoma Police Department. In February 2017 I went to stay with my father Anthony Crawford and I found her panties, lighter, and sunglasses in my fathers drawer next to his bed. I confronted him and ended up stabbing him and when the police showed up I told them that my father had something to do with my girlfriend being missing but nothing was done. While I was in prison my cousins friends told me that my father Anthony Crawford, my step brother James Archie, my cousin Miguel Swain, and miguels friends Dolores Morales, Gabe Morales and David (nicknamed mooney) were the ones who kidnapped her and they took her to my cousins trailer where they been raping her and sex trafficking her. I had a detective come to the prison and I did a police report with the Tacoma Sheriff's Department. I got released April 29th 2018 and contacted the police to find out if they got her out of the trailer and they told me they lost the police report. I tried to report it again but they told me there was nothing that they could do. The people who told me the information told me that if a police investigation came up they would help but for some reason the police don't want to get a investigation started. I need to get a petition started to have the Mayor of Tacoma and Lakewood and who ever else look into this because I need to save Amanda from my family. I need to get Justice for her and I won't stop until I do. Please Help me take these rapists off the streets.

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