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Oppose extended trading in Geraldton - Sundays are for families not corporations

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Mayor Van Styn,


Sir respectfully, we - your constituents believe that Sunday trading benefits corporations to the detriment of locals. 


Geraldton is a lifestyle - not a 24/7 hub like Sydney. Allowing the Coles and Woolworths duopoly to open on Sundays will take money out of the community. 


It will put local business owners who are already struggling in the position of being forced to open on Sundays if only to compete with international juggernauts like Amazon now, that will be here soon enough.   The Perth experience has shown that the extra hours are first filled by overworked business owners and any extra hours are simply taken from days that takings drop from,  as a result of sunday trading. 


They spread 6 days takings over 7 whilst incurring new expenses - in an economy already struggling. 


Meanwhile corporates will simply put a skeleton staff on, whilst 90% of customers will be served by automated checkouts.  There is no jobs bonanza to be had here. 


the almighty profit god already rules our lives for 6 days of the week - please lets keep the 7th for our families. 









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