Enough with the Bike paths!! Ms. Plante listen to the residents of Montreal!!

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We the residents of the island of Montreal are very unhappy about the current state of affairs when it comes to the implementation of new bike paths as well as the new Milieu de Vie plan that has been announced. As residents of Montreal we feel that you have a personal agenda when it comes to these programs and are not taking into account the impact these actions have on our daily lives. The city does not consult its residents with these plans or if it does, it is done in a manner to avoid an uproar. We are not against Bike Paths but there is no logic in the way they are decided or installed. Some Bike Paths make is extremely dangerous for residents to pull out of their driveways. There is a constant fear that we will accidentally hits a biker because our visibility has been reduced. We can provide proof of this. Also your Vision Velo seems to only favor Bikers and pedestrians without any thought on how it affects merchants or car owners. It is already difficult to maneuver throughout the city because of constant construction and detours and now the city has decided to close certain streets to traffic, deviate existing traffic to 1 way streets etc..all for the sake of bike path. This is unacceptable.! On top of this my neighbourhood received a notification about a new program call Milieu de Vie where certain streets will be closed to traffic and parking will be eliminated. Who was consulted about this program???? How are we going to be able to visit family and friends when streets are closed because you want to increase family activities? There are plenty of parks around the city for families to go to, We do not need to once again limit the access to residential streets for the sake of bikers and pedestrians. How can these programs be for the good of the community. We the residents of Montreal want you Mayor Plante to listen to our complaints and put an end to these programs until consultation sessions are created so that we can voice our concerns and all of our questions are answered. Remember Ms Plante you were voted into power because the previous Mayor was not listening to its residents and now you are doing exactly the same thing. Please take this opportunity to hear us!